WP Watercooler Episode 22: Child Themes or Starter Themes?

WPwatercooler Episode 22There are many ways to customize WordPress themes and, as with all web development, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Like I say about most website development … it depends!

The best approach is affected by a lot of factors, including the site’s scope, the development budget and the site’s overall objectives.

When I build custom sites for clients, I always start with an empty or starter theme (usually Starkers). For my SBDC clients, I primarily stick to doing light customization in a child theme, usually twentytwelve.

Check out what the rest of the WPwatercooler crew has to say about it:

Sé Reed
Sé Reed is a small business advocate and independent web developer, specializing in the development and implementation of comprehensive web strategies for small businesses. Sé teaches and speaks on topics including WordPress, SEO, and small business and the Internet, and is a regular contributor to the weekly webcast WPWatercooler. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+