Iteration over perfection: Baby needs a new pair of shoes

By all rights, a website relaunch should be accompanied by a lovely set of new blog posts, and a host of linkable content. And it’d be great to launch with the course I’m planning to write. And I should totally have a headshot that wasn’t taken on an iPhone 4 while waiting for some fish tacos (true story).

I also know that if I waited for all that to happen … this would never happen.

I am definitely afflicted with that curse of tradespeople all over: the cobbler’s children syndrome.

I am actively trying to combat that. I am also firmly embracing the iteration over perfection ethos in many areas of my life. And so I am just launching with the new theme and the new logo. And as I write that, I hear my own voice telling my clients “‘just‘ a new theme and logo? Why don’t those count for anything?” So now I am saying it to myself. Because they do count for something.

And, hey, I really like my new logo.



Sé Reed