work with me

Want to work together? There are few ways we make that happen!

1) Phone consulting and training

This is the easiest and quickest way to work with me! I provide hourly consulting through You sign up and request a call, we schedule a time, and then we talk via the conference call line provided via Clarity. I can provide answers to your questions, log into your site, help you decide who to hire, etc.

Check out my profile here:

2) In-person consulting and training

We can meet in person for more in-depth consulting and training. We can work one-on-one or with your whole team. If you live somewhere other than and want me to come to you, we can make that happen too.

3) Hands-on projects

I take on a limited number of hands-on projects each year, in various roles. Primarily I work as project manager and strategist. Depending on the scope of the project, I will wrangle outside or in-house team members, do full trainings, and generally make sure things are done right!

4) The SBDC

If you’re a small business owner in Southern California, you can become a client of the Small Business Development Center at Long Beach City College. As part of the program you’ll meet with a core advisor before being referred to me as a specialty advisor for web development and web marketing. All of your SBDC meetings are one-on-one are confidential and free of charge. Via the SBDC I also teach a monthly, low-cost workshop on introductory topics for small business owners, including websites and web development, SEO, social media, and marketing.

The SBDC is an amazing program with incredible free and low-cost resources on a range of fundamental business topics, including business planning, employee management, accounting, legal advice, loan packaging and assistance, training workshops and seminars, manufacturing, and importing and exporting.

A few caveats: My SBDC availability fills up fast, and we will meet about once a month for an hour at a time. Additionally, if you are an LBCC SBDC client or have worked with me via the LBCC SBDC, per the terms of my SBDC contract, I cannot work with you privately until one year after you formally close your SBDC file.