The ASBDC conference in New Orleans!

(America’s Small Business Development Center Network) conference in New Orleans was really great! I put together a curriculum about basic web development called “I Need A Website,” answering specific questions that I know SBDC consultants get and addressing specific SBDC concerns, such as liability and meeting limitations.The entire second half of the presentation was a primer in how to get a WordPress site up and running in a short amount of time.

I presented for about three hours to about 40 folks and felt really great about it, especially since a lot of the audience came up to me after the session to tell me how much they had gotten out of it. Nevertheless, I was thoroughly delighted to get the results of the session evaluations emailed to me a few hours later!


I sometimes miss the finality (validation?) of a getting a grade, so to me this was like getting an A+. Side note: I do talk fast, but this was an especially info-packed session! Perhaps next year I can do a full day.

Aside from the conference, I really enjoyed exploring New Orleans … it’s full of awesome small businesses!

I also had a really interesting conversation with a representative from the SBA about Walmart, in which I made a case for small business vis-a-vis Walmart that I was rather surprised I needed to make. But that’s a whole different post.

Recently I received an email from an SBDC consultant who had not attended my workshop, but heard about it from a colleague who did. He is working with a small business in a rural area that doesn’t have a website and is slowly losing business. He wrote to ask if he could check out my slides in the hope that it would help his client create a website. I don’t feel my presentation slides are especially helpful without my narration. But I really want to help this small business! So I’m going to do a few write-ups in order to hopefully help my fellow consultant to help this small business. And in the hopes that it will help some other small businesses, I will post the writeups here, along with the worksheets I created. Stay tuned!

Sé Reed
Sé Reed is a small business advocate and independent web developer, specializing in the development and implementation of comprehensive web strategies for small businesses. Sé teaches and speaks on topics including WordPress, SEO, and small business and the Internet, and is a regular contributor to the weekly webcast WPWatercooler. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+