WPwatercooler Episode 84: Choosing a WordPress Hosting Plan

Hey it’s Monday again, and that means we did another WPwatercooler! Booyah! Episode 84 … and we are quickly approaching 100! Today we talked about hosting. As always, a gamut of opinions and a tangential approach. I’m not kidding when I tell the small business folk I work with that there is no one opinion […]

Craftcation 2014: E-Commerce – Sell Your Sh*t Online

Craftcation!! How I love thee! Craftcation is a four-day conference for handmade makers, micro-businesses and other Creative Makers!! Craftcation is honestly one of the most fun, rewarding and inspiring events I’ve ever attended and hands-down the best conference I’ve ever experienced.  This is Craftcation’s third year and I was honored to be asked back to […]

WPwatercooler Episode 82: Dealing with Client Problems

Another episode of the WPwatercooler … we talk about resolving client problems. Actually we mostly talk about preventing them in the first place …

Why You Should Not Use the WordPress Media Library (or Taken Out of Context/I Must Seem So Strange)

If you are acquainted with me or my WordPress work, you likely know that I am a regular on the weekly webcast the WPwatercooler. The Watercooler is a grand old time … up to 10 WordPress folk chit-chatting about WordPress-y stuff in a live-broadcast Google Hangout for a half-hour every Monday. One of my favorite […]

WordCamp Phoenix – An Introduction to WordPress

WCPHX 2012 was the first WordCamp I ever attended, and it changed everything. No more would I toil alone in front of my computer, with only Google and the codex to share my WordPress highs and lows. Before I even got home from Phoenix, I had found OCWP and I attended the very next meetup. […]

Blogging Strategies: WPwatercooler Episode 68!

We closed out 2013 talking about strategies for blogging more in 2014 … which is GREAT because that is definitely one of my 2014 goals! My recommended takeaway (and my plan for 2014) … check out Write or Die (which I learned about from the epic Tiffany Han) and just force yourself to write SOMETHING.

A breakdown of the WordPress image settings

Recently, I posted a query about session topics to a group of attendees of an upcoming indie biz conference that I’ll be speaking at. The responses I’ve received so far line up nicely with my planned curriculum, but I also received the following reply and accompanying screenshot from a crafter named NK: “I’d like to […]

“Installing WordPress” at WordCamp Phoenix

Back in January I presented a session on installing WordPress at WordCamp Phoenix and it’s on! I cover the basics of what WordPress fundamental hosting setup and go over three different ways to install WordPress. Then I do a step-by-step install using QuickInstall. You can see the video here: And my slides are here!

WPwatercooler Episode 33: Learning WordPress

Today we filmed a lively watercooler episode about learning, and teaching, WordPress, featuring Morten Rand-Hendriksen from and Cards Against Humanity. We talk about a lot of resources, the WordPress admin interface, the future of WordPress, and evil web developers, and I share my teaching philosophy about explaining how WordPress works before jumping into the […]

My WordCamp Reno Preso: Make It Work!

Today I presented a talk at WordCamp Reno-Tahoe called “Make It Work: Building an Awesome WordPress Website for your Small Business”. I thought I had 35 minutes, but only had 30 … and finished in 29:30! Gotta make it work! There was a lot of great Twitter feedback from attendees (thank you!), but my favorite […]

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