100 WPwatercooler episodes? What?!

Really? 100 WPwatercooler episodes? This is a bigger milestone than crossing the 5 million views mark! And not just because Google recalculated views and now we haven’t actually crossed the 5 million views mark! 100 episodes seems like a significant amount of content.  I haven’t been on all of them, but I’ve only missed a […]

Craftcation 2014: E-Commerce – Sell Your Sh*t Online

Craftcation!! How I love thee! Craftcation is a four-day conference for handmade makers, micro-businesses and other Creative Makers!! Craftcation is honestly one of the most fun, rewarding and inspiring events I’ve ever attended and hands-down the best conference I’ve ever experienced.  This is Craftcation’s third year and I was honored to be asked back to […]