i help small businesses develop and implement ideas and strategies through content, communication and code ... and usually involving WordPress!

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GoDaddy’s Big Guns on the ‘cooler

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We had the GoDaddy’s Senior VP of Hosting on the Watercooler today! Some folks say I gave them a hard time … I say I didn’t give nearly the hard time they’ve been giving me and my clients for years! (And I didn’t ask nearly as many hard questions as I could have!) Check it […]

WPWatercooler: WordPress Design Trends! (Ep 111)

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In which we talk parallax, sliders, UI and I touch myself with Chris Ford, Tracey Lavesque, Suzette Franck, Robert Neinhouse, Jason Tucker and Steve Zenghut.

100 WPwatercooler episodes? What?!

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Really? 100 WPwatercooler episodes? This is a bigger milestone than crossing the 5 million views mark! And not just because Google recalculated views and now we haven’t actually crossed the 5 million views mark! 100 episodes seems like a significant amount of content.  I haven’t been on all of them, but I’ve only missed a […]

Hi! My name is Sé.

I love words, the Internet and small business!

I specialize in:

  • Small business development
  • Website development
  • WordPress
  • Content development
  • Marketing and web strategy
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website information structure
  • User interface/experience (UI/UX)

I also speak and teach workshops on small business and the Internet, WordPress, social media and SEO.

I love to work on creative/entrepreneurial projects and with creative/entrepreneurial people. If you have a neat project, proposal or idea you’d like to discuss … let’s discuss it!